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Who is Isaac Baron?

Isaac Baron is an American citizen who was born on July 1987 Menlo Park, California. Baron has cut himself a remarkable niche in is career as a professional Poker player. Through his online playing prowess, he has obtained a global recognition as one among prominent online and live poker tournament players.

In 2007, he scooped the top position of the year and was branded a nickname ‘Card player’ of the poker year. Playing under screens names “isaac Baron” which is on Full Tilt series and the great “westmenloAA” Poker stars, he amazingly emerged as the most impressive in this game. His ability to play this game is a product of his keen interest and profound passion of this career. He has undergone a tremendous practice, which he started at his tender age. This gaming career has enabled him capture 13titles as well as pocketing more than $3,500,000 in cash. This has greatly heightened is reputation an online poker player.

The most impressive and notable victories came during the Poker Sunday Million, Pokerstars $200 Rebuy and Full Tilt $750,000 series. With the screen name-, “guru 11” Mr. Baron won the premier event -FTOPS VIII held on 2008, which earned him more than $158,852. During the in the EFT Grands, he exited holding AQ against Chorney’s pocket.

Mr Baron is focusing his attention and concentration more on live poker tournaments and cash and he remains a threat to win any game he enters. His victory in the recent European Final table is a great amazement as Baron pocketed near to $1,000,000 prizes of money. In a broad sense, Baron has solidified and reinforced his position as one of the famous live tournament or online poker players. As of 2012, a clear analysis on his live winning reveals that he exceeds a $3,000,000 cap.


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