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Twitch Streams could be driving traffic to Bovada as well as other poker sites

Online poker streaming just might be the next leap forward when it comes to the popularity of the game. With thousands and thousands regularly gathering to see amateur and pro players alike play real money poker game on, it appears as if live poker telecasts might be drawing in even non-poker players, and there is some proof that the streams might have even be heightening the traffic at places where streamers are telecasting.

To be specific, it appears that Bovada, the biggest of the offshore places still taking on American players, has gained from a few of high profile streams which are getting attention among both the poker community and general audiences.

There is the tale of stickyrice1, a recreational poker player, who has gone through a few magnificent swings when playing US$ 10 – US$ 20 No-limit Hold’em on Bovada on his stream. One evening, he handled to run up around US$ 40000 in winnings that finally attracted in a crowd as his heater went on.

Since that time, he has went on to stream losing and winning sessions and also become popular enough to have his very own dedicated thread on Two Plus Two forums to talk about his play as well as his antics. Another well known stream is that of Byron Bernstein, a well known World of Warcraft as well as Hearthstone player who has taken a few time to play poker on Twitch.


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