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Schwartz grabs a bracelet

The WSOP (World Series of Poker) 2012 HORSE Event – 27 assembled 889 poker players in its 4 days of competition. The players competed for award by paying a$ 1,500 buy in. The final day boasted eight poker players but just three of those players was on podium. The players were David Chiu, Stephen Chidwick and Ylon Schwartz.

Stephen Chidwick was the very 1st player to go out the table as he was eliminated by Schwartz. David Chiu and he were employing a hard head’s up which turned in the New York native’s player. For the 1st spot, Ylon Schwartz got the gold bracelet as well as the amount of $ 267,081.

Among the final table’s eliminated poker players, we see Robby Rasmussen who got $ 78,021 accompanied by Elior Zion who won $ 55,422, John Rogers won $ 40,169, Jason Brown won $ 29,679 and Marlon Milne won $ 22,358.

Ylon Schwartz began playing the game in the year 2004 as poker pro and after four years, he went the fourth spot of 2008 WSOP Main Event. The win is a kind of dedication for the forty-one year old poker player. As of the final table, Ylon Schwartz eliminated Stephen Chidwick, John Rogers, Marlon Milne and David Chiu, who is a regular player at WSOP.

Among the other poker players who were in amount list at World Series of Poker Event – 27, there is Allen Cunningham who received $ 17,150 for 10th spot, Rep Porter (14th place + $ 10,669), Chip Jett (19th place + $ 7,116) and Cliff Josephy (16th place + 8641 $).


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