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Open de France

Good news for those who prefer deepstack poker. Now Annecy Imperial Casino calls for deepstack poker fans to be a part of the event that will start from 14th September and go on till 16th September this year. This deepatack event is open for an € 550 entry fee within Open de France.

As far as the structure is concerned, the organizers will provide the same structure as suggested at major events and that is deepstack format which is expected to please both professionals as well as amateurs. Players will begin the game along with 30000 chips and each with 50/100 blinds. The levels of blinds will gradually go on from 75/100, 100/200 and like that.

Given the status of the championship, the organizers are expecting to have a pack of around 200 poker players. Live satellite events are arranged from 3rd August to 8th September within casino Annecy and this will let the players to take a place at the main event.

On 14th September, Friday, a € 100 entry fee program will also be in the list of events. In this championship, several spots for the main event will be played. Online poker enthusiasts can also qualify an online qualifying event. Annecy’s appointment will combine relaxation and poker. Players who will at the casino will be greeted in a breathtaking setting along with an impressive view of Lake Annecy. To end the championship, a € 200 buy-in side event will take place on Sunday starting from 1.30 pm.


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