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Jennifer Tilly will be lending her voice along with her poker skills in an episode of The Simpsons which will be aired early next season. It seems that Lisa needs to learn play online Poker and Tilly will be the woman who will be teaching her the tricks of the trade. According to EW reports, Tilly happens to be the ex-wife of Sam Simon and Lisa discovers that Homer squirreled away with her college money in an online poker site. Now Lisa enlists the assistance of an instructional video which is headlined by Jennifer Tilly.

Tilly is one well known poker expert and she has won World Series Of Poker (WSOP) bracelet for Ladies No-Limit Texas Hold’Em where she toppled 600 other players. It is reported that the tournament winning of Tilly has crossed over $ 660,000.

The episode of Tilly will be a part of the 24th season of The Simpson. Tilly has been a regular guest voice over on Family Guy as neighbor Bonne Swanson but this is her first appearance on Fox’s flagship animated series. She is the ex-wife of Sam Simon who has developed The Simpsons with Matt Groening and James L Brook. The episode of The Simpsons “Gone Abie Gone” will be aired early next season.


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