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Eric Naposki, a football as well as a poker player

Eric Naposki is born on 20th Dec 1966, in America. Now he is a murderer and now he is spending his life in prison. He was a football player for many years from 1988 to 1997.On 21th May 2009, he was arrested by American police and in 2012, he declared as murderer by the court and sent to prison. He got scholarships from the university for playing football. He completed his graduation in 1984. He played for two seasons New England Patriots, then one season for Indiana polis Colts, He played 4 seasons with Barcelona Dragons and won ‘World Bowl V’ in his final season.

While playing with the Barcelona Dragons, he made many records such as 16.5 sacks, many goals, one touchdown, interception. He was also a member of New Work Jets football, but as a reserved player. He also earned a degree in Physical Education from Uconn. He was a long height player. After 1997, he hasn’t played with any team. He is not a famous poker player. He charged for killing Bill McLaughlin in 1994 for financial gain.

He convicted as a murderer in 2011 that means after 15 years. Finally, in 2012 Naposki was sent to jail for life imprisonment. He also went through a divorce with his 24 years wife. For proving Naposki, guilty, 28 witnesses and 240 exhibits were checked and heard by the jury and finally convicted as a murderer. Naposki had conspired with wife of Bill was the secret lover of Naposki to murder Bill. It has proved in the court, and he found guilty in that.


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