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Anti-Online Poker Efforts

The legalization of online gambling in America is encountering new controversies everyday. Lately, Sheldon Adelson, the owner of Vegas Sands, is soon to launch an organization against extension of legalized online gambling in US. However, Adelson’s anti online poker efforts has received reactions from AGA, the leading lobbying group for commercial casino market.

The billionaire has been vocal about his anti web gambling campaign worrying that the easy accession to gambling assured by the online sites would abet gambling tendencies among minors. Adelson’s apprehension is supported by many of the active advocates of online gambling.

Ironically, Sands holds membership with AGA, the principle group advocating legalization of internet gambling at both the state and federal levels. AGA is working on Capitol Hill & thus is chiefly concerned with chances of federal bill- even because everyone is of the opinion that state-by-state patchwork won’t be ideal. The nationwide authorization would imply a great lot of cash for casinos.

As per AGA’s statement:

“Time & again, the government endeavors to prohibit the use of daily items have failed. Last year, Americans spent around 3 billion USD in gambling with fraud offshore casino operators. Internet can’t be shoved back nor the market demand. Here we support practicality & strict regulation of internet gambling that would protect the consumers & prevent the menace of underage play- assuring integrity of games & empowerment of law enforcement. The new governmental efforts to restrict internet gambling would unintentionally strengthen the black market operators & make it riskier for US consumers, including the kids. Moreover, it would drive American jobs & revenues overseas only. We appreciate the divergent viewpoints & and are ready for healthy discussion or conversation on the complex issue.”

So far, 3 of the American states- Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey has legalized online gambling.


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